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If you need to execute applications independently of your location, then the Integra Soluciones Avanzadas Application Servers can help you.

Using our Application Servers you can run a program wherever you are. You will just need an Internet connection, whether it is an ADSL, Modem or just a 3G mobile connection.

The applications always run on the servers located at your facilities, but you will be able to use them on any computer with an Internet connection. This way you will be able to run your software licenses, run legacy applications or client-server applications using the same hardware even outside your office, without having to buy additional costly software licenses for additional computers.

You will be able to provide access to your workers to Linux applications from a Windows desktop, access the server files as if you were directly working on it.

How the remote Application Servers work 

The remote application servers, run the applications on its hardware but the screen is exported wherever you like, so the visualization will happen on the computer you are sitting at that moment.

To access your applications you will only have to connect to the server using a desktop shortcut and the program will be launched at the server. The server will export the different windows that the program generates to the terminal where you are seated.

Requirements for the server 

The requirements for the server depends on the applications you will need to run, but it can range from a Pentium III to a current generation server.

The most important factor is the RAM memory available to the applications and the number of clients that will connect concurrently to the server to run applications. The more users, the more memory you will need.

Requirements for the client computer

Almost any computer will do as the application runs directly on the server. This way you will be able to use any slow computer as the client for the application server.

The only requirement for the client computer is an Internet connection or a LAN connection to internal network where the server is located.

What kind of company can benefit from it 

The remote application servers are specially recommended for legacy applications not based on the client-server model where huge amounts of data have to be transfered over the network to be used at the client. The remote application server model will not transfer the data, but just your mouse movements and keyboard typing.

Our specialized hardware servers based on Linux or Microsoft Windows , allow multiple concurrent connections without any noticeable degradation and a great platform stability. You will be able to make profitable your investment on your hardware and software licenses without the expense on new licenses or new client desktops.

Last Updated ( Monday, 27 November 2006 )