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The IAS R-1000 is an autonomous server for the SMB with interconnection requirements. It provides with a centralized management and storage system for all the data of your company and with the ability to run networked applications.

Interconnect your branch offices

The security server offers you the services and components you need to interconnect your branch offices together and access the central office information and resources. Also your field workers will be able to access the central office resources whether it is a printer or file just using an Internet connection. Wherever they are, they will have full access to any information with just an Internet connection.IAS-R1000 - Office Interconnect Server

To connect remotely to the main office, the server offers virtual private network capabilities based on IPSEC and the highest security mechanisms.

Using standard Internet protocols the server will offer remote connections compatible with equipment from other manufacturers as Cisco, 3Com o HP and software based remote connection clients as the ones included with Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista.

Authenticated Access

The remote access is based on the ISO/IEC standard for digital certificates X.509. This makes the IAS-R1000 a perfect choice for security and interoperability. Just distribute digital certificates to the employees you want to access the network remotely and just them will be able to connect to the central office. The digital certificates can be stored inside Microsoft Windows or in a smart card for portability and security. No more complicated passwords to remember.

Also the new Spanish e-DNI (dni electrónico) is supported. Just add the mappings to the identities and they will be able to use to stablish the connection with the Spanish ID card, having a single identity card for all the transactions.

Integrated Firewall

The server has an integrated firewall that filters and blocks most of the external and internal attacks. Also it includes an Intrusion Detection System, that scans and analyzes data patterns searching for attack vectors blocking them automatically and alerting the system administrator of possible attacks and problems.

Store your data in a single server

The IAS-R1000 is a compatible file server with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista, allowing you to share your files and printers from the main office to your remote branch offices and remote workers.

The internal storage is based on the fast and reliable XFS file system developed by SGI, which offers a top performance and fast recovery times upon power failure and other dissasters. The system will be up and running in a couple minutes no matter how many files and data you have stored.

Maximum Performance

The IAS-R1000 includes a crypto processor that leverages the main processor from the cryptographic functions. This allows the IAS-R1000 to server multiple remote access connections without service degradation even when several clients are running at the same time.

This crypto-processor reaches a maximum encryption performance of 25 gigabits per seconf using AES encryption scheme, that is than 25.000 times a regular ADSL line speed.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 14 April 2007 )