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Besides to fulfill the law and to avoid sanctions, to guarantee the security of the personal character data, it does not have to be contemplated solely as an exclusively legal exigency.

Statutory law 15/1999, of 13/XII of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) enforces its fulfillment for all the companies and professionals who, in the development of their activity, deal with personal data.

If you think that your company is not affected by this law, just think for example that any relation with your clients and workers at the company where you collect any personal information as names or phone numbers (whether it is in a database or simply written down in a paper), represents personal data affected by the mentioned norm.

This is the reason why you will have to fulfill with the obligations as a company. The penalties imposed in case of not complying with the law can oscillate between 600 € and 600.000 € (one hundred million pesetas).

Adaptation of your processes to the LOPD

Using Integra Soluciones Avanzadas LOPD services, guarantees the fulfillment of the legislation. As you should already know, the LOPD differentiates between three security levels according to the characteristic of the data kept.

Our adaptation includes all the security levels, so that you and your customers' data completely fulfill with the law. Using Integra Soluciones Avanzadas services, you will be able to make the adaptation to the LOPD without any effort on your part, and at the same time, guarantee the confidentiality and security of your customers' data.

Adaptation and total adjustment

If you already have tried to adapt yourself to the LOPD, you will know that in the market there are a multitude of offers from other companies. Where Integra Soluciones Avanzadas makes the difference is at its level of implantation.

Besides to inform the files of personal data to the AGPD (Spanish Agency of Data Protection) and to write the security document, we deploy the necessary systems and measures for your company to fulfill with this law.

This phase of deployment is possible given the technical skills of Integra Soluciones Avanzadas and that is makes us different from the rest of companies.

How to comply with the LOPD?

In order to adapt to the legal requirements, we guide you through the following steps:

  • Identify the files of data that are handled and determine its security level
  • Write the Security Document (Documento de Seguridad) where the security measures adopted have to be summarized according to the required security level (this security document has to be available to the AGPD).
  • Write and if necessary apply the clauses and contracts to successfully obtain the consent of the affected customers and workers.
  • Notify the Agency of Data Protection of the existence of the file.

Real data protection and privacy

The adjustment of its personal data to the LOPD does not have to be just a legal requirement. 

With the solution proposed by Integra Soluciones Avanzadas, it will be able to have confidence in which their data will be always available and safe. This guarantee leans in which the requirements imposed by we ourself of the adjustment process, go beyond the scopes gathered by the effective legislation. You must consider that, to assure the protection the privacy of the people who comprise of their company, directly or indirectly, it is a task that reflects seriousness and confidence for its clients and suppliers.


The Law forces the companies that deal with personal character data of high or medium level security, to make security audits every two years.

Integra Soluciones Avanzadas, offers an exhaustive service of auditing in Protección de Datos, whether your company has an obligation to do it, or if you only want to verify the state in which company is.

We will carry out the obligatory auditing of the information systems and facilities to verify the fulfillment of the Regulation of Security (Real Decree 994/1999), of the effective procedures and instructions in the matter of security of data and of the Security Document.

We will analyze your current situation, what type of audit is needed and the most suitable form to implement it.

Seminars and Technical Days

If you needed it, we can develop training programs within your own company. This way your employees will be informed into the procedures that must follow to fulfill with the law, and how to proceed in case that an incident takes place.

These Seminars and Technical Days, develop different aspects related to the LOPD and their content and its duration comes determined by the necessities of the groups that need them.

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