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Image The Samba Team (the open source CIFS/SMB server) announced the release of the laterst version of Samba, the 3.0.23d version.

This is the latest stable and production version of Samba. The release notes for this version are available at "Release Notes" on the Samba site. 

Samba 4

Meanwhile, Samba 4, continues on its TP4 (technology preview version 4). This version is not stable and it is not recommended for production server as it contains deficiencies and probably lot of bugs.

About Samba and Integra 

At Integra we already have production servers running the latest version of Samba after testing its interoperability against our own systems. We recommend the upgrade to those clients running older versions of Samba. Several improvements include:

  • Better stability related to the SMB daemon.
  • Improved memory leaks of the Winbind daemon dealing with AD domains with limited connectivity and slow links.
  • We have observed improvements in transfer speed on XFS based file systems, but this observation depends on the Kernel version you are running.

If you are an Integra client with Samba systems, Integra will contact you for maintenance operations on your servers if necessary.

If you are not client of Integra and would like to receive more information about our Linux and Samba services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will recommend you the best migration options for your systems.

[1] Reference to the original content

Last Updated ( Friday, 01 December 2006 )
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