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With Integra Soluciones Avanzadas support and manteinance services for equipment and communications, you can stop worrying about the management of your computers and networks.

We provide with a full service of maintenance for all your computer and networks including security and software patches, along with the technical support for your workers and equipment.

You can contact us by filling out the form on the bottom of this page or calling us on the 928 47 34 83.

Manteinance and Support 

The service not only includes the end user support as many others do, but we also do the maintenance itself to correct and fix the problems. Others will just offer support, while you will have to fix the problem yourself based on the technician guidance. But we actually perform the operations needed to fix the problems based on your support calls or our proactive maintenance. This will free you from management of your systems and will let you focus on your business instead, while we take care of the problem.

We offer full support for Windows based networks, but also for networks based on Linux systems or networks with both types of operating systems installed.

Proactive Maintenance

While other other maintenance services, act once the error has happened, the proactive maintenance monitors several variables, looking for possible problems before they actually happen.

Integra offers a proactive support and maintenance service, using self develop components, that report the status of your computers and network devices using common standard protocols such as SNMP or RMON.

When the security levels are crossed, the alerts Integra network operation center. Once the alerts are received, Integra analyzes the situation and corrects any possible problem. If needed, the client is informed about the problem and offered different solutions and corrective procedures.

Support and Maintenance Reports

During the support and maintenance contract, as an Integra client you will receive reports with the status of your network and computer status on you installations.

Every month you will receive a report with the events of the last month and the status of the infrastructure status. Reports contains information as network usage and congestion, Internet capacity, incidents and corrective measures and update packages applied to your systems.

These report are Estos informes se presentan con gráficas que le permiten ver el estado de su red y equipos.


You will be able to check at any time with real numbers how your equipment are performing, letting you make decisions with up to date information on the investments required.

The real figures of your network will let you decide better if you need new hardware or more bandwidth. Also the cost of Internet connection can be reduced as you have a real measure of how well the network is performing and how much bandwidth you are using.

Not usable computers translates into a loss of money. You will be able to reduce the downtime of your equipment and it will let you concentrate on your business instead of the status of your computers.

Also maintenance support clients can benefit from discounts on hardware and offers on equipment only for support contract clients.  

Types of maintenance

Integra offers three types of Service Level Agreement on support. The SLAs are numbered from 1 to 3 according to the speed and guaranteed response time on the incidents. SLA Level 1 offers you the fastest guaranteed response time of 2 hours maximum to any support request. The SLA Level 2 is a maximum 4 hour response time. Finally SLA Level 3 is an 8 hour maximum response time to the incidents.

You choose the SLA level that you need. Also you have the option to choose different SLAs for different equipment. As an example you might choose to have an SLA Level 1 for your server and the desktop PCs covered by a Level 3, so you guarantee that your server will be always up and running.

Ask for a Quote

You can also request a quote by calling our telephone number 928 473 483 or by filling out the following form.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 August 2007 )