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Automate your hotel traveler police reports and your fidelity cards and "everything included" cards. Using the automated check-in system, your staff will be able to process more check-ins, reduce the errors, eliminate photocopies and reduce the time taken to create the hotel checkin reports for the police (also known as parte de viajeros) requested by the Spanish police department.

The software is easy to use, making your personnel proficient quickly on the processing of client check-ins with just a short period of training.

Hardware and Software

The Traveler Scan is not just software but also a small high speed scanner, which will let you process Spanish ID card, driving licenses, residence permits and passports for all the EU countries and some other countries.

The software is accompanied with a database. It is possibel to integrate it with the hotels' reservation system o create completely new database if you already do not have one yet. The complete system also carries a design tool for fidelization card and "everything included" type. This will let you personalize the cards with data specific to your hotel, client's photograph and much more.

Document types recognized

The system detects automatically the different types of Spanish ID Cards, passports, and id cards form all countries of the euro zone and serveral other from the rest of the world. You can use the data acquired with the system to upload the police report directly using the police web page, instead of having to type-in all the information manually.

Traveler report

Once acquired the information with the scanner, by scanning the ID card or the passport the software creates automatically the police report file that can be uploaded digitally to the police web page.

The generation of the file, the name and sequence number are automatically created by the software. You will only need to authenticate with the police web page and upload the file once per day.

Card printing

Also you can generate paper and plastic fidelity-program cards for your customers directly from the software. The information acquired with the scanner is available to the card printing software included with the system. You can print the cards using any supported card printer in plastic cards or paper cards. You can acquire client information and print a card in less than 30 seconds per client.

LOPD compliant

The Traveler Scan is an LOPD compliant system. All the requirements as restricted access, event log, and encrypted backup copies are compliant with the regulation established in the LOPD regulation.

Last Updated ( Friday, 29 June 2007 )